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Refer a Friend to Our School and Reap the Rewards!
Refer a friend to our school and reap the rewards!

In recognition of the invaluable support and advocacy from our parents, we are delighted to extend the following gestures of appreciation: AED 1,000 of tuition fee discount against every referral that cumulates to a successful enrolment

How Does it Work?

Parents can participate in the referral program of Manthena American School by recommending the school to their family, friends, or colleagues. When their recommendation results in a successful enrollment of a new child, the recommending parent will receive a one-time reward. This reward will be adjusted on their own child's annual tuition fee However, the reward will only be granted once the new child has paid the fees for the first term.

Terms and Conditions:
  • To participate in the rewards program, referrals must be submitted online prior to the registration and admission process.
  • Referral rewards will be given once the referred child has been successfully admitted to Manthena American School.
  • Each successful admission qualifies for a one-time referral reward.
  • The referral reward will be paid after the settlement of the first term's tuition fees and when the student has attended school for a minimum of two weeks.
  • If the referred student begins their enrollment in Term 2 or Term 3, the referral award will be adjusted proportionately.
  • Referral rewards are exclusively applicable to first-time students; students who have previously attended the school are not eligible.
  • Referral rewards do not extend to siblings of current Manthena American School students.
  • Referrals made for children currently enrolled in a nursery participating in the Manthena American School Nursery initiative scheme are not eligible for the rewards program.
  • In the case of multiple referrals for the same student, the reward will be granted based on the earliest referral received.
  • Referral rewards apply to all children within the same family.
  • Post-dated cheques will only be considered as paid tuition fees once the cheque has cleared.
  • The accounts department will perform a final verification to confirm the receipt of tuition fee payment and the child's attendance in school for a duration of two weeks. Upon approval, the Head of School will provide the necessary signature to initiate the payment.
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