Pre-KG Schools In Sharjah

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Our Kindergarten provides our youngest learners with “A school within a school” feel.

At Manthena American School, we have a dedicated Kindergarten wing designed to create a safe and secure learning environment for our young children. Our purpose-built campus provides spacious indoor and outdoor areas, along with individual restrooms for each classroom.

Kindergarten Program Emphasis

Key Focus Areas for our Pre-KG Program:

Discover the key focus areas of our Pre-KG program at Manthena American School, designed to enhance children's learning, creativity, and social skills.

  • Supporting play to encourage individual exploration and critical thinking skills.
  • Creating a stimulating and diverse learning environment that engages all senses.
  • Implementing specialized learning centers for language, math, science, and life skills.
  • Utilizing indoor-outdoor spaces to promote gross and fine motor skills development.
  • Employing subject-specific teachers in areas such as art, Arabic, PE, Arts, Music, Dance, and Library.
  • Cultivating cultural awareness and appreciation for local traditions and language through experiential learning.
  • Introducing the Arabic language, Islamic values, and the UAE culture to our young learners.

Building a Strong Foundation

Learning through PreK Curriculum at Manthena American School

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Parent Feedback and Reviews

Our child has blossomed in this nurturing and engaging environment, where they are encouraged to learn through play and exploration. The teachers are compassionate and knowledgeable, and the facilities are top-notch. We appreciate the focus on building social and emotional skills alongside academics.

Fatih Alparslan

As a parent, I am impressed by the thought and care that goes into Manthena American School's Pre-K curriculum. The individualized learning centers allow each child to explore at their own pace, and the focus on multiple intelligences ensures that each child's unique strengths are fostered.

Ismail Ahmad

Manthena American School's Pre-K curriculum has exceeded our expectations in every way. The facilities are modern and well-maintained, and the teachers are passionate and dedicated to helping each child reach their full potential.

William Johnson
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