Our History

MNR Group of Institutions

We introduce ourselves as MNR Group, a premier organization in the field of Education and Health for the past 47 years since 1974 in India and the UAE.

We have 78 institutions, with over 49,000 students and 3800 faculty members at present. The MNR Educational Trust consists of medical and healthcare colleges, life & social science colleges and high schools.

Our philosophy is to shape the students into proud citizens. Our experience has helped evolve a unique student – centric teaching approach, which transforms the students into competent future professionals and into successful careers.

“During my 57 years of service as a teacher and as an educator, I realized how much of our future generation’s success depends on education. It is my firm belief that the two essential factors that enrich our lives are education and health and it is my endeavour to provide both through MNR Educational Trust with the help of my dedicated team.”

M.N.Raju, Chairman
MNR Educational Trust

M.N.Raju, Chairman of MNR Educational Trust, History od MAS Sharjah