Key Facts About Our School

Why Manthena American School?

Experiential Learning Our students learn beyond textbooks, gain life lessons and practical skills that shape their future. Read more
Proficient Educators Our skilled & dedicated teachers are passionate about inspiring students to reach their full potential. Read more
Engaging Curriculum Immerse your child in a comprehensive curriculum to promote curiosity, critical thinking, and lifelong learning aspiration. Read more
Enrichment Programs Explore diverse extracurricular activities for kids that nurture talent, and broaden horizons. Read more
Responsive Communication We value open communication with parents, ensuring transparent and collaborative partnerships. Read more
Modern Infrastructure Equipped with modern amenities like virtual & augmented reality infrastructure, to enrich learning environment. Read more
Safe and Secure Environment Our comprehensive anti-bullying protocols facilitate a safe and nurturing environment for children. Read more
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Empowerment Through Every Phase

From the early years to graduation, our unwavering support accompanies students throughout their educational journey.

Pre KG

Developing fine motor, speaking, and socializing skills for cultivating a solid foundation.

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Focusing on physical development, communication and language skills, and personal, social, and emotional growth.

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We cultivate growth, leadership, and academic excellence for empowering confident learners for a promising future

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Empowering students with High Performance Learning skills for lifelong success, with a global perspective.

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Principal's Reflection

Salam Aleykum,

I am Mr.G. (Paul Grimaud). I am happy to have the opportunity to serve students, serve parents, serve staff, and serve the MAS community. The Manthena American School Team is dedicated to continuous improvements to ensure the growth of every student and the lifelong success of ALL students.

I have a 17-year experience in education as a Teacher, HOD, Curriculum Coordinator, Vice Principal, and Principal. I am a Masters and Postgraduate degree holder in Education and Management, have IB experience, and am a certified U.S. Principal. I am a steward who pays attention to the details, builds others up, and challenges all toward higher levels of rigor and outcomes for students.

Real life success does not depend on Marks or 100%. Life is about failing, falling, and striving to be better. Our goal is to align with Zayed's Vision and the UAE Agenda to be # 1. The UAE began with thoughts, words spoken, a vision, and relentless actions. We want the thoughts and actions of MAS students to manifest, so they create the futures they want for themselves. Our focus is on teamwork to help students become the best Doctors, Lawyers, Businessmen/women, astronauts, entrepreneurs, engineers and Police.

As a Team, our target is to reach Very Good in our next SPEA inspection for our MAS Students & community.

Forever Learning,


Paul Grimaud

Life at #MASSharjah

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Reflections on Our School

As a parent, I am thrilled with the academic rigor of Manthena American School. My child has not only received a quality education but also the guidance and resources necessary to excel in their future endeavors. The staff and teachers truly go above and beyond to ensure success for each student.
Ismail Ahmad
I have been studying at Manthena American School since middle school and I can confidently say that this school has prepared me well for my future endeavors. The teachers are dedicated and supportive, and the curriculum has challenged me to think critically and develop my skills. The extracurricular activities have also helped me discover my passions and pursue them. I am proud to be a graduate of Manthena American School.
Victor Johnson
High School Student
My child has truly thrived at Manthena American School. The school offers a diverse range of programs and activities, including foreign languages, STEAM, sports, and art. My child has been able to explore their passions and develop new skills outside of the traditional classroom setting. I highly recommend this school to any parent looking for a well-rounded education for their child.
Hajee Moosa
Our Location

Muwailih Commercial, School Zone - Sharjah, United Arab Emirates,
PO Box: 25028

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