Student Support

Manthena American School understands that all students differ and have various needs.  Specific departments have been established to support your students in a safe and positive environment.

Special Education Needs (SEN)

The SEN department is led by a specialized coordinator with expertise in learning difficulties and disabilities.  If your student is having difficulties noted either by you or the academic staff, our department will support your child with ongoing communication to you. The goal is to mainstream all students in the regular classroom and offer support within the class.  If you feel your student is in need of additional support, please contact us.

Social Emotional Counseling

The Counseling Department are passionate about our students’ wellbeing.  Offering topics and activities to specific classes, groups or individual students who feel the need to get support will be catered to with the latest techniques in mental health.  School activities will also be planned to support student in mindful practices and strategies to support their wellbeing.

Student Support - Manthena American School - MAS Sharjah