Parent Communication

Our parent portal will ensure you will be kept in the communication loop regarding your students’ learning journey through up-to-date access to your student grades, weekly plans of the teacher and newsletters to inform you of the week ahead for each classroom through a digital formal.

Formal reports will be provided to parents three times per year with an opportunity to meet with the teacher and your child face to face through Student Led Conferences.  Your student will lead you through their e-portfolio reflecting on their learning, celebrating their successes and communicating their next steps.  Parents love watching their children take lead of their learning.

Parents may also contact their teachers directly through the portal or set up an appointment at any time if they would like to speak to them directly.  As we prioritize our teachers facilitating the learning in the classroom and monitoring our students, if you email our teachers please allow them 24 hours to respond.  If you feel there is an emergency, contact the school reception for immediate response.