Our Kindergarten School

Our Kindergarten provides our youngest learners with “a school within a school” feel.

Our campus is purposeful with a dedicated Kindergarten wing which will feel safe and secure to our young children. The space has been designed to provide indoor and outdoor areas, individual toilets for each classroom and state-of-the-art facilities in each learning space.

Key areas of focus in our Kindergarten are:

  • Guided and supportive play to enhance individual discovery and problem solving.
  • Building a highly sensorial environment catering to multiple intelligences
  • Using individual learning centers for language, mathematics, sciences and life skills
  • Indoor – Outdoor discovery and learning areas to develop gross motor and fine motor skills.
  • Using individual teachers in the areas of Arabic, art, physical education, swimming, music and library.
  • Working with the children to develop an understanding and appreciation of local language, culture and traditions.
  • Introduction to the Arabic language, Islamic values, and the culture of the United Arab Emirates.