Our Elementary School

Our Elementary School is future focused and learning begins to extend beyond the walls of the classroom.

The curriculum has a number of core subjects which will form the basis of all learning in this stage.

Literacy – Our mission is to develop a love of reading and writing amongst our students. Our teachers will work with our children to help understand their thoughts and feelings throughout the reading and written work, in both English and Arabic classes.

Mathematics – Throughout the Elementary School, our focus is for our students to establish and understanding of concepts in mathematical problems. This will help develop a logical mindset in our children.

Science – We want our students to be the innovators and inventors or tomorrow. Our hands-on practical science classes will engage students and create excitement in their learning.

Social Studies – Our social studies program will develop knowledge, skills and understanding of the UAE’s history, geography and people. Students will ultimately contribute, as responsible citizens and residents of the UAE.

Technology – Learning coding and robotics will form a core element of our technology program, providing students with the skills to succeed in a rapidly changing world. Students will use technology as a part of daily instruction however this will be limited to avoid reliance.