Classroom Without Walls

Our academic day is enhanced with 90 minutes of activities catered to our students passions, supporting holistic development.

Our purpose built facilities will be utilized with the intent of innovative programming such as, robotics, foreign languages, drama and arts.

Service Learning

We believe that giving back empowers our students in making a difference. Opportunities for service are embedded into our academics in the school or local community.  Students will be supported in promoting self-initiated projects to develop an early commitment to active citizenship and responsible global citizen.

The intent for student to brainstorm, plan and execute their ideas to action will support in them finding meaning of helping others—a strong Islamic value. Opportunities for clubs to evolve from students’ ideas will be made a reality as we fulfill their interest and curiosity.

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Student Leadership

Student voice is important and we allow various platforms for students to formally lead and express their ideas and execute them into action.  Student Councils will allow students to discuss their ideas in a broader spectrum as they learn about the democratic process of voting and representing their classes.  Learning Councils are instrumental to school leaders as students reflect on their learning, instructional practices used and advise us how they feel we can best support them.  Members of the Sport  Council work closely with our Health Committee on how to keep our students healthy and moving.